4 Smart Ways To Stay Safe Against Locksmith Scams

4 Smart Ways To Stay Safe Against Locksmith Scams

With people becoming more aware about home security needs, the number of locksmith companies operating in the city have just doubled up their number. At present, there are number of firms who claim to provide affordable lock and key solutions to residential and commercial clients. In reality, the stats are quite different. There are number of fraud locksmiths who are creating scams by providing expensive and not up to mark services that can ruin your family’s safety.

Being locked out of your house, office or car is a terrible experience and the only person that can safely get you inside is an emergency lock technician. What if the person you called for help is actually a criminal who has dressed up in the uniform. To prevent being fallen victim to such a lock scam, its advised to hire trusted local locksmith company with good customer reviews.

Some tips that are helpful in finding the right locksmiths are:

1. Look for a local company

Since emergency situations need to be dealt with a prior response, a local locksmith can turn out to be a perfect choice. Ask your friends for reference of any trustworthy and reliable locksmith that can let you get inside your home or office within the least possible time. Also enquire about its reputation through online reviews and customer testimonials.

2. Check their license & id’s

Once a locksmith arrives at your place saying that he has been sent by the company where you placed a call, don’t let him perform repairs without checking his credentials. Ask him to show his license, id card, certification and all other things that ensure that he is a trusted emergency locksmith. In case, he denies to show his identification proof, hire some other technician.

3. Don’t let them drill

Many unskilled locksmiths aren’t aware of the recent technologies and techniques that are effective in opening a lock without causing any damage to door and lock itself. If a professional begins to drill your expensive lock system to open it, stop him immediately. This is the red flag that tells that the lock company you hired is a scam and unskilled one.

4. Ask for price estimate

While hiring a locksmith service over phone, make sure to ask about the price quote so that a near about judgment about the charges can be made. Tell in detail about your condition and ask them what will they charge to get you back inside. Some companies charge extra bucks for emergency service, so always keep a distance from these lock scams.

These are some ways to prevent locksmith scams during a lockout situation. If you are looking for a reliable emergency locksmith in Edmonton, look no further than Edmonton 24/7 Locksmith.

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