Garage Door Spring Installation & Replacement in St. Catharines

Garage Door Spring Installation & ReplacementIs the extension or torsion springs on your garage door old or worn out? Did you hear a weird sound while opening or closing the overhead door? If yes, the springs might have become faulty. Since these giant doors are quite heavy and can result in serious injuries, its advised to call professionals for safe and efficient garage door spring replacement.

At Garage Door St. Catharines, we are family owned and locally operated garage door service providers who are all the way up to assist you with top-notch spring repair and installation in St. Catharines. If you are looking for professional technicians for mending the broken torsion or extension springs, we are your ultimate destination.

Why You Need To Replace The Springs?

Both residential and commercial garage doors are designed to last for years, but their common components such as springs tend to wear out with use. There are various elements that decide the life of a door spring. The two of them include:

  • Weight Of The Door: Most possibly, the torsion springs installed on the excessive heavy doors are prone to face more force and weight every time the door is lifted. Door weight plays a great role in early wearing out of springs. More the door mass, harder the springs have to work and shorter is their life.
  • Size Of The Spring: Alike overhead door models, extension springs come in various sizes. Depending on the door size and weight, an appropriate spring is chosen for installation. Smaller springs have a shorter life and require frequent replacements as compared to the larger ones.

Reliable Overhead Door Spring Replacement in St. Catharines

When it comes to door springs, our licensed garage door technicians in St. Catharines have years of experience in dealing with all door and spring models. For past many years, we are serving both residential and commercial clients with emergency spring replacement and installation. We know how it feels when you are getting late for office but your car is parked inside the garage and the door is refusing to open. Our spring related services include:

  • Inspecting the door & spring
  • Testing door balance for any issues
  • Checking the motor sensitivity & force
  • Lubrication of springs, and hinges
  • Replacing damaged torsion springs
  • Same day extension spring installation

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