How To Get Your Lost Or Stolen Car Keys Replaced?

How To Get Your Lost Or Stolen Car Keys Replaced?

Stolen or lost car keys can disrupt the normal routine of a homeowner. Imagine you are in hurry for reaching a place, but realize that the car keys are missing. This may spoil up your entire day due to stress and hassles. Moreover, nothing can be more annoying than misplaced keys. People often fall victim to such situations because of their carelessness. An ultimate solution to deal with this issue is to call emergency locksmiths who can effectively replace the car keys in no time.

Some ways to get access to new car keys are:

1.Call A Local Dealer:

All car dealers are fully equipped with the latest machinery and tools that allows them to cut a new key within the matter of minutes. If you have purchased your vehicle from a local dealer, then you can try contacting him for key replacement. The cost involved will depend on the make and model of your vehicle. If your previous key was an anti-theft transponder key, the dealer will access the car’s on-board diagnostic port to erase the previous data and will then program a new transponder key. It is ideal to call a local car dealer, in case, you are not running short of time.

2.Call An Automotive Locksmith:

If you are in an urgency or want to reach somewhere on time, an automotive lock technician can turn out to be of great help. Search on the web to find out a local lock company that offers trustworthy and prompt car key replacements. Most possibly, these locksmiths have access to the service vans and essential tools that allows them to reach your place and duplicate the car key in the shortest possible time. In case, you have lost a key fob, an emergency lock expert can replace or reprogram it too.

Since emergency situations come all of a sudden, its better to remain prepared to deal with them. To make sure that you get the least affected by a lost car key, try keeping a spare key with you. These are the two ways to get the car key replaced. If you are looking for an expert locksmith who can repair or replace your damaged locks and keys, feel free to contact us at Edmonton 24/7 Locksmith.