Locksmith Edmonton Gives Home Security Tips For Winter

Although the rates of residential thefts and break-ins go down during winters, it doesn’t mean that homeowners can neglect the security of their homes. Some crooks continue to target Edmonton homes in winter because they know that security can be lenient.

Locksmith Edmonton gives homeowners some tips to help them keep their home and family protected throughout the winter.

Outside Lights

Burglars use darkness to walk around neighborhoods and properties to minimize their chances of getting noticed. This is why it is recommended to install motion sensitive security lighting outside your home. A bright light that illuminates the entire exterior of your home will help deter those who do not like to be seen.

Gravel Deterrence

If your front garden is large, adding a gravel path or driveway can stop sneaky burglars in their tracks. Gravel is one of the simplest security measures to help you catch the heavy-footed burglars out. Although this technique won’t fool the more sophisticated burglars, checking any time you hear movement outside could save you from a potential break in.

Car Keys in the Ignition

You may feel tempted to warm up your car before leaving, but this can give thieves a perfect opportunity to get in and drive away. If you want to warm up your car, use a different key to lock it or install a remote starter that allows you to start the engine without unlocking the doors.

Occupied Home

A common anti-theft method is to leave lights on and draw the curtains to make it appear like someone is home during the evening. With sunsets happening early during winters, if you are not home from school or work for long hours there are high chances for thieves looking out for empty homes make your home their next target. Make sure your home looks occupied, but remember to draw your curtains on as a well lit room allows potential thieves to see clearly in to your home.

Change Locks

The locks on the entrance doors of the home can freeze during colder months, the keys can snap in the locks and there are often problems with doors sticking and not opening or closing properly. Locksmith Edmonton recommends homeowners to make sure that their property and vehicles are properly secured. Add extra locks and/or upgrade to higher security ones.
Is there a weakness in your home like a window or a door, which is not secure? Call Edmonton 24 7 Locksmith for a FREE home security assessment and advice. It pays to be vigilant about your home security in all the seasons of the year.

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