Main 5 Reasons Why Your Car Key Is Not Working

Main 5 Reasons Why Your Car Key Is Not WorkingYou are in hurry to go somewhere, but your car key just stops to work. Before you could repair it, you must know the reason of its non-working condition so that you can get it repaired accurately. With so many different styles of cars and their locking system, the problem could be anything.

When you are still using the traditional car, the chances of having a problem in its ignition that is not working with its machine cut key. In case, you have the car featured with transponder key, these are secure. Depending on your car type, below are the major reasons behind the car key problems.

A Damaged Lock
A common reason is an older model of a car where the lock is damaged and unable to perform well. It may be that your car lock has worn out. If you are using this car for a long time then chances of having a problem with its locking and unlocking system.

A Damaged Key
The car key has the pattern and grooves that easily fit exactly with your car key lock. Like everything else, your car key may prone to wear and tear with time and start to create problems.

Faulty Ignition
Like other components of a car, the internal and electrical functionality can also susceptible to wear and tear. It could be a reason behind your car key’s not working condition.

An Unprogrammed Car Key
When your key-less remote is not working, it might not be programmed in tune with your car system. It may be you recently get your transponder key or a duplicate key which is not programmed yet.

Internal Damage
If your key fob is not able to send the signals successfully, it may be an internal damage. Perhaps, your car key has knocked the internal wiring out of the place.

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