Pros & Cons of RE-keying Your House

Pros & Cons of RE-keying Your House

Have you moved into your new house? Do you have new tenants in your apartment? Have you been recently burglarized? If your answer is yes, you need to think about your house lock system. Re-keying is one of the best ways to ensure that your house is secure and your doors are properly locked. Having a high security system in your house or office is crucial to protect your valuable and belongings from intruders.

If you have lost your house keys or your home or office has been broken into, you should re-key the whole lock system as soon as possible. If you are thinking about to re-keying your house, make sure you hire a professional locksmith for this job.


  1. Increase security: Security is the main thing to consider when you move into a new premises. It is impossible to determine who had previously access to your new house after moving. This poses the risk of burglary and other unknown incidents. Re-keying is the way to ensure that no one has the access to your property. After re-keying your house, the people who have lived before you moved in, cannot open your house with old keys.
  2. Avert the misuse of the lost keys: Have you lost your house or office keys? After losing your keys, you will worry about the criminal use. If this happen to you, don’t panic. The solution is very simple and easy. With a re-keying solution, you ensure that the lost keys will not usable, because now your locks requiring a new pattern of key to unlock the door.
  3. Cost effectiveness and peace of mind: Hiring a professional locksmith to rekey your house lock system, deliver you peace of mind. Re-keying is a very cost effective as compared to the installation of new lock system. To ensure that you get a high quality service, make sure you hire a talented and experienced professional.


  1. Expensive if done wrong: Re-keying requires expertise. If a technician fail to perform his job properly or if you try to re-key the lock system on your own, you may be loss the security of your house. In such situation, you need to pay an extra amount to replace the whole lock system of your house.
  2. Require proper care: Once you have re-keyed your lock system, you need to pay an extra attention. Because, if you have only one single to unlock your house, it will be your responsibility to handle it very carefully. Losing the keys means re-keying the whole lock system once again.

Re-keying is a way that you would like to take, when you lose your keys. Whether you want to change the lock system or just want to rekey, you can trust on Edmonton 24/7 Locksmith. We will be happy to assist you.

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