Tips To Choose The Best Locks For Your Home

Locksmith Edmonton Gives Home Security Tips For Winter

Everyone wants to keep their homes secure and safe. After all, it’s your largest asset, it is the place where you raise and create long-lasting memories, it keeps your family warm and safe. Shoddy locks allow burglars to gain entry to your home, without many efforts. Thus, in order to render strong security to your property and family, you need the guidance of an expert Edmonton locksmith to find the best locks for your home.

Here are some tips for choosing the best locks for your house:

Do Your Homework

Any lock that you buy for your home must meet the Canadian safety standards. This makes it easy for you to determine the quality of a lock. Look for different brand locks and go for high-security locks for robust security. Make sure each lock is graded on the package. Generally, the products are labeled Grade One, Grade Two or Grade Three, where Grade One products are considered as the best quality products. There are other details also mentioned on the package regarding the manufacturer, product warranty and material description. You can also compare the locks of different manufacturers.

Assess Your Needs

Do you live in a crime prone area? Do you have children who stay alone in the house when you go out to work? Maybe you need a smartlock so that you can control and monitor the entry of people in your home when you aren’t there. It is advised to choose a lock that can be safely operated by everyone who needs to use it. It’s no good in installing those strong locks that are difficult to operate. In fact, you need to make sure the locks are easy to use under critical conditions such as fire.

Types of locks

There are different types of locks, some of which are harder to pick than others. If you live in a crime prone area, you need to install one or two sturdy locks that couldn’t be easily operated by thieves. This way you can protect your family and valuables from being robbed.

Spring latch and slip bolt locks can be easily operated using something other than a key. They firmly lock the doorknob in place and don’t let the latch move from the door frame. They are highly cost-effective and easy to install, but also easy to pick and break.

Deadbolts are sturdier locks that bolt the door closed. You need to move the entire bolt from the door frame either by using a key or turning a knob, which makes it extremely difficult to pick. Buy deadbolts made from steel, bronze or brass as they are the sturdiest materials.

No matter what type of lock you have, make sure you lock your doors properly to prevent burglars from gaining access into your home. And, in case you happen to lock yourself out of the house, our Edmonton locksmiths at Edmonton 24/7 Locksmith will be more than happy to help you any time day or night. We provide residential, commercial and automotive locksmith services in Edmonton at highly competitive prices.

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