Traditional vs Advanced Locks – Which is The Ideal Option?

Traditional Vs Advanced Locks - Which Is The Ideal Option? Having a secure door lock is an effective way to protect to your home. The right selection of locking system has been the topic of debate for all the time. There are some people who are safe with their existing lock, still, they want to upgrade the security systems. On the other side, some people feel secure with the traditional lock as they feel it easy to use. The below tips can help you to choose the ideal one.

Traditional Locks: When we discuss the traditional locks, we refer to the typical kind of locks and their keys. The locks can be lock and unlock with the key only.
Advanced Tech Locks: On talking about the advanced locks, these can be controlled by your phone, any specific code to enter, biometric entrance code or other devices like a fob. But, the smart locks do not require any key.

What Determine Your Ideal Choice?

  • If you have installed the hard and strong traditional locks, you can rest assured as these are not easy to break. The smart locks give you ease to access your security systems from anywhere you want.
  • With the traditional lock, you have to a specific key, without this your lock is nothing. While smart locks will need an Internet connection or electric power to optimize your home security system.
  • The traditional locks are inexpensive, but there is often a risk of having the problem of getting jammed, key misplaced or lost, etc. Smart locks are under your budget as well as prevent from future repair issues.

Why People Rely On Traditional Locks?
Still, there are many people feel it difficult to secure their home with the access control, digital and smart locks. They rely on the key to optimize their home security. This is why the traditional locks are making people consider for the right locking system.

The nutshell is, it totally depends on your requirements, which lock you prefer by keeping your budget and convenience in your mind. If you are having any discussion over the matter, you can consult with Edmonton 24/7 Locksmith. We specialize in installation, repair and replacement of locks and keys.

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