When Should One Replace a Lock?

Why You Should Replace Your Lock?

Your lock is the only thing between your valuables and a thief! This surely proves, how important locks are. This means one should take proper care of it as much as possible.

This will surely help you in increasing your home security. However, there might be times, instead of repairing or maintaining, you should replace the lock.

Yes! At times, it gets essential to get your lock replaced at the earliest, to avoid any damage likely to occur otherwise. So, whether you want to or not, below are the reasons which makes lock replacement a necessity.

Reasons For Replacing a Lock:-


Over the time, your lock can become subject to a lot of wear and tear. This can make your lock lose its strength and put a question over its security.

If you see any kind of rust or tear on its body, consider replacing it at the earliest. Also, if your lock gets difficult to open with the key, get it serviced or replaced.

This will help you not only in increasing security but also make its use hassle free.


If you had a break in or any kind of theft, it makes sense to replace the lock at the earliest. Your lock is built to protect you, if it is not doing its part, what’s the use of it?

Also, there are chances that the keys might have gone into the wrong hands. In any case, this poses a great risk of theft again and this time, the damage could be even more.

A forceful break in disturbs the mechanics of the lock, making it vulnerable to exploitation.

Keys Getting Stolen or Lost

If have lost your keys or think they are stolen, it makes only one conclusion, your home security is in danger.

You should get a new lock immediately as you never know, even an hour’s delay, may end up in someone getting access to your home. If you don’t like to keep keys all the time with you, consider upgrading to combination locks.

These smart code enabled locks will not require keys but a code to open up! Thinking what to do, if forgot the code? Don’t worry, there is access to it through keys also!

New Place

If you have recently shifted to a new apartment on rent, it makes complete sense to get it replaced. You have no idea, what kind of person was living there earlier and does he/she have an extra key to your lock.

When you don’t know someone, how can you know his intentions? Still want to take a risk? You can go ahead but remember one thing that prevention is always better than cure and in this case damage can be really big!